February 23, 2009

3 Words that Increased Sales by 1000% for a Beach Towel Shop


How a single tweak increased sales for Rob Walling’s online shop from $210/month to $2200/month immediately

The 3 Magic Words

Rob constantly tested and tweaked the sales copy on his website, JustBeachTowels.com.

One day, he tweaked his website to mention three magic words:

“Low Price Guarantee”

This single change alone sent sales pouring in the following day, and it grew from $210/month to $2200/month!


Lesson: Always Test Your Sales Pitch

Rob only started achieving this phenomenal sales boost after 6 months of constant testing and tweaking. This meant doing little changes on the website every now and then and tracking its performance results.

You too can achieve the same results with your online store or blog. Sure, it takes a little bit of patience, but if you keep pushing with small changes every now and then, you will discover those profitable tweaks.

(Read Rob’s original post: Marketing is Design: Three Words that Increased My E-commerce Sales 1000% Overnight)

16 responses to “3 Words that Increased Sales by 1000% for a Beach Towel Shop”

  1. Rob Walling says:

    If you want to read the original post it's located at:


  2. @rob: sorry for the oversight – we've updated this post to point to your original post on the subject.

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  5. I'm gonna try those, and lets see if they really works. thank you for posting them

  6. massagers says:

    Wow, you seem to monitor such trends, I really appreciate it.


  7. It's amazing how such a small change can have such a big psychological impact on the consumer.

  8. Zelimir Graf says:

    A few marketers out there really do test their stuff, and the ones who do, really hit it big time. I always stress out to my clients the importance of testing. But people are usually too lazy to do this. And it` s a shame, because they are leaving a lot of money on the table. Thanks for this cool post.

  9. Nice post, I love it! Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work!

  10. jazz says:

    In three words only? That's awesome I like to gain something like it. This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Guilin Tour says:

    That Sounds interesting, I agree with you.Please keep at your good work, I would come back often.*

  12. It is little true. But people are more aware quality rather than price.

  13. This is more than amazing. I thought of this post as a scam at the the first glance. But as I read the thought of your post, I realized that it is a need to always test tour sales pitch. It's not certain to have instant succes and profit on this but there's nothing to lose in here. I believe I understand it right. Hopefully I did.

    Thanks for the post. Keep it up!

  14. This is just a matter of giving our best to whatever we do.

  15. Very well said. Just some points to ponder, don't forget to regularly update your listing and be prompt in replying inquiries and the like.

  16. Very interesting article.

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